Rio-1982 Duran Duran

Happy Duranmas Duranmas

It’s a new religion. We are celebrating Duranmas Duranmas today, since it’s 30 years since the album Rio was released.

Rio-1982 Duran Duran

Rio – Duran Duran – 1982

The idea to celebrate Duranmas Duranmas came from the ”I Waste The Buddha With My Crossbow” blog.

The album Rio had lots of very good tracks. You might also remember “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “New Religion“. This is “Rio” from Youtube:

This is “New Religion”:

Lots of other really good music was also released in 1982. Have a look at the list at Wikipedia that includes a few other albums in my collection like, The Gift (the Jam), Complete Madness (Madness), Abracadabra (Steve Miller Band), The Lexicon of Love (ABC), New Gold Dream (Simple Minds) and more…

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