At last. This have we been waiting for a long time for… 😉

2 thoughts on “ET-X

  1. far-trader says:

    Hey BeRKA, looking for something you did some work on (a CCG card generator, still looking… ) but stumbled on this while looking.


    It’s a spoof right? A really expensive and elaborate joke? Please say it is not real…

    I don’t even know where to begin tearing this to shreds there’s just so much wrong and bad in this painful trailer. Maybe once the vomiting passes…

    …at least I know I won’t be seeing this one, the trailer has saved me from even considering it for the briefest of seconds. I could hardly bear watching the whole trailer, hoping all the way through there’d be a punch line. Instead… well, I don’t want to spoil the ending 😉

    Of course I only saw the original because it was too hot outside while vacationing in Banff and sitting a while in a nice dark cool movie theater sounded good. Everyone had been raving for weeks… I wouldn’t say I wasted my money, but I certainly didn’t get the hype then so maybe I’m just not susceptible to whatever drugs are in the Reeses Pieces that made people nuts for the original, and apparently still induce some strange compulsion to this day. How else to explain the notables in this (imo) career ender of a waste of film? There’d have to be a better way for them to make the rent or mortgage…

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