Stop the pedophiles

For two months in a row, (Nov-Dec 2001) “preteen” has been the 4:th most common searchword on this site. That made me mad. Are there so many pedophiles surfing the web? I decided to start logging all searches for “preteen” and other pedophile codewords. Now everyone can see the IP address of the morons. I started on the 14:th of January 2002, and on the first day a pedophile from Saudi Arabia got logged.

Maybe some of the persons behind the IP-addresses on this list have perfectly normal reason for their searches… But they will still have a lot of explaining to do.

5 thoughts on “Stop the pedophiles

  1. BeRKA says:

    A canadian pedophile (IP= just search for “underage”,
    so now that word is added to the list of words that will be logged.

  2. BeRKA says:

    It’s getting better. Some of the pedophiles has been scared away.
    The searchword “preteen” is now down to 19:th place.

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