A new home for my ZX Spectrum

My loved ZX Spectrum has been donated to the Internet Museum.

ZX Spectrum @ Internet Museem
Using this computer, I have written lots of programs using Basic and machine code. You can do a lot using 48k of memory. (This is more than the Commodore-64 which had only 40k of usable memory.) I have also made some music using the MIDI interface that was also donated. Some other gadgets I donated was a light-pen, two joysticks and lots of games.

The ZX Spectrum was a very useful computer. Now it has found a new home. You can visit it at the Internet Museum.

QuirkafleegI can still play may old favorite games using emulators. There are web-based emulators and emulators for lots of operating systems. There are also emulators for your smartphone running on Android. We must perform a Quirkafleeg!

ZX Spectrum

ZX Spectrum – 30 years

My Sinclair ZX Spectrum became 30 years. Happy Birthday! We have had a lot of fun together for the last 30 years. I hope we can have fun for another 30 years.

ZX Spectrum

My Speccy

Jet Set Willy

We must perform a Quirkafleeg

I have spent many hours writing programs and composing music using my Speccy, but even more hours have been spent on fun and very playable games. A favorite is, Jet Set Willy. In this game you collect things (cleaning his house) before you get to go to bed. There are many difficult rooms to visit before you succeed. You can only go left or right and you can jump. It may sound simple, but it is very playable and fun.

Some of my other favorite games are listed here.