Skarp Crowdfunding Scam

To shave yourself with a laser. That would be cool. But if you still have a working brain that you can use, you would know that it would be difficult to produce a working laser razor. Apparently, there are a lot of people that rather be scammed than using their brain.

There is really nothing wrong with the patent and the idea for this invention. The problem is that it doesn’t work as a razor. (At least not yet.)

In the video where the “prototype” is demonstrated, a few thin hairs on the wrist of a person is cut. It was also not a very good shave. The hair was burnt. After this demo, it is a mystery how people signed up to buy this. I also wonder about the claim how the battery is going to last for a month will work when it’s going to take a few hours to (try to) shave. Oh, and you will need good ventilation after burning off all your facial hair…

The thin fiber used for the shaving. Will it break if used on facial hair? Is it easy to replace?

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A new home for my ZX Spectrum

My loved ZX Spectrum has been donated to the Internet Museum.

ZX Spectrum @ Internet Museem
Using this computer, I have written lots of programs using Basic and machine code. You can do a lot using 48k of memory. (This is more than the Commodore-64 which had only 40k of usable memory.) I have also made some music using the MIDI interface that was also donated. Some other gadgets I donated was a light-pen, two joysticks and lots of games.

The ZX Spectrum was a very useful computer. Now it has found a new home. You can visit it at the Internet Museum.

QuirkafleegI can still play may old favorite games using emulators. There are web-based emulators and emulators for lots of operating systems. There are also emulators for your smartphone running on Android. We must perform a Quirkafleeg!