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Hi Everyone!

This is not an FAQ or a CV, but here I will just try to tell you something about BeRKA.

BeRKA is my nickname, and also the name of my dot-com domain. Just for fun I registered the BeRKA domain in 1996. (A few years before the dot-com craze.)

My real name is P-O Bergstedt, and I live in Stockholm in Sweden. To contact BeRKA, send me an e-mail or post something at the Forum.

This Site:
This site is just for fun, and to show everyone that you don't need a multibillion dollar company to run a web site. This is just something I do in my spare time. The directory part uses the dmoz database, (which is free, and a lot better than Yahoo) and the news section uses headlines from moreover. To run this site automatically, I use perl scripts.

At berka.com there are also the QM-site and the Zhodani Base. At these two sites You can see a bit nicer graphics, HTML design and also some perl scripts running.

Everything here is my own work, or free stuff that I use. No graphics or code has been stolen from other sites. Presently this site generates no money, since there are no paying ads here. You may not copy anything here without my permission!

I grew up in Jakobsberg, 20 km (12 miles) north of Stockholm. In high school I studied to become an electrical engineer. My first Computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Using my speccy I wrote some nifty programs using BASIC and machine code. It was in high school that I got my nickname BeRKA. It was my gym class teacher that called me that after a Swedish football (soccer) legend. My gym class teacher was no less than Tommy Söderberg, the Swedish national football (soccer) manager. Read more about Tommy at Svensk Fotboll. A few years before high school I started playing a science fiction role playing game called traveller. During high school me and my friends played a lot, and sometimes we still have some time to play. (We also play some other games as well.) The site called "The Zhodani Base" is a web site I have done about traveller.

Then I was conscripted for a boring year in the Swedish Armed Forces.

My first real job was at IMC. IMC is now known as Acreo.
P-O at Nobel

In 1988 I started studying electrical engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. During my years at the University I also wanted to do something fun. I joined QM which is a student organization that parties a lot and also run a pub. In 1990-1991 I lead QM. Now I run the QM web site. (Check out the party pics!)

After my master thesis, I have worked at ESDlab, here I made an ATM switch, now with US patent 6091728. After this I have worked for Telia, Ericsson and now I am working for Zarlink Semiconductor. (Zarlink Semiconductor is the new name for Mitel Semiconductor.) At Telia I worked with the Internet. At ESDlab, Ericsson and Zarlink I have worked with ASIC design. Now I work with medical ASICs (pacemakers, hearing aids, and stuff) that must have a low power consumption and a high reliability.

Hobbies and Stuff:
As You must already have figured out, Computers and Internet is a hobby of mine. Other hobbies are golf, cooking, whisky, science fiction and RPGs. I also like long walks without my golf equipment. Especially in Stockholm in the summer. The music I like is 80s Pop, Punk and Ska.

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